Black on Silver Metal Rollerball Pen Set - W/ 0.5mm Schneider Ink Refill & Gift Box Case
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Black on Silver Metal Rollerball Pen Set - W/ 0.5mm Schneider Ink Refill & Gift Box Case


Vendor: ZenZoi

SKU: 21259

  • Elegant & Functional Black & Silver Rollerball Pen Set w/ Gift Box Case
  • Use Schneider 0.5mm Ink Cartridges & Standard 4.31" Rollerball Refills
  • Pen Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.5 Inches
  • Box Contains: Rollerball Pen, Premium 0.5mm Ink Refill Cartridge & Gift Box
  • 100% Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee

THE ROYAL STANDARD IN PENMANSHIP- Created to cater to a highly-demanding audience, the Zenzoi Rollerball Pen brings together finesse and functionality, into a timeless writing piece. Minimalistic design elements combine on a full metal body with a Black on Silver scheme, for the ultimate Zenzoi experience.

WELL-BALANCED FEEL & DESIGN- Our approach to designing the Zenzoi Ballpoint Pen manages to strike the perfect balance between feeling substantial to hold, yet easy to write with for prolonged times. Enjoy a refined build with a smooth writing performance and timeless looks.

FLAWLESS INK FLOW- Putting pen to paper feels smooth, natural and uninterrupted. Thanks to the 0.5mm Black ink cartridge that delivers a consistent performance, with no bleeding, skipping or blotching- simply flawless.

A VERSATILE INSTRUMENT- For the business professional, the journalist, the artist, the calligrapher, anyone who loves keeping a journal. This highly versatile rollerball pen is a remarkably versatile writing piece that will be there for all the important signatures & words of your life.

A GIFT OF PRESTIGE- The Zenzoi Rollerball Pen comes packed in a high-end Gift Case that adds to the unboxing experience and our gift set is complete with 2x Schneider In Cartridge Refills (Black & Blue). Impress and spoil loved ones, friends and family upon any occasion with a prestigious gift that’s guaranteed to be cherished and used.

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