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It is easy to buy affordable yet professional colored markers pen sets these days. At our online store, you can find fine point markers that will work for a long time. Every markers set can be used in offices, art classes, kindergartens, stores, etc. They are also great school markers, since they come in sets and you don’t have to spend time picking the colors you need.

What Are the Main Benefits of Each Art Markers Set?

There are several benefits:
  • The chisel tip is great for thin, medium or bold lines. You don’t have to get additional drawing markers set for other purposes.
  • All of our Zenzoi markers are eco-friendly and kid friendly.
  • The grip is super comfortable. It feels good and easy to use in both large and small hands.
You can pick a set of 13, 14 or 18 markers. Some of the markers are bold with a chisel tip, some are skinny with a fine tip, and one of the sets has both chisel and fine tips on different sides. All marker tubes are recyclable.

Zenzoi affordable markers set

Zenzoi markers don’t fade and they don’t smudge. With these markers, you can explore your creativity and show the world what you are capable of. Zenzoi markers are “smart markers”. Why? Because they ignite your potential and help you draw with higher consistency.

If you are searching for the best online shop to get fine-point markers at the best price, visit Zenzoi. We produce the markers ourselves, thus we can make them more affordable. Get ready for studying with our markers and highlighter pens. Our sets will fit into any bag and they come in a tube, so you don’t have to get an additional pencil case. 

Bonus Tip from Zenzoi markers shop

Place the markers upside down in the tube upon their arrival. It helps the ink to flow better and prevents the markers from drying. (This is good advice for any markers and not just with our brand.)