Highlighter markers

Highlighter Marker Set: 14 Bright Colors in a Cool Box

Are you looking for the best highlighter marker set available online? You’ve come to the right place — ZenZoi highlighter markers can satisfy even an extremely demanding person.

With our multi-colored highlighter pack, you can enjoy:

  • Top-quality pigments;
  • Stylish design;
  • 14 unique highlighter marker colors;
  • An eco-friendly product.

Our products are a good fit for both professional and amateur use. This box of highlighter markers available online will allow you to enjoy 14 assorted colors perfect for making notes and practicing hobbies.  

What Makes Our Highlighter Marker Pen So Good?

You may think that there can be nothing extraordinary about an accent highlighter. However, high-quality eco-friendly materials and a stylish design make our products stand out among highlighter markers from any other shop.

Our product has everything that makes up the best highlighter pen:

  • Smooth flow and coverage;
  • An accurate chisel tip;
  • A no-bleed formula.

Our highlighters remain bright for a long time, which is beneficial both for teachers and students, and our quick-dry formula makes them perfect for kids.

What is more, the ZenZoi highlighter set comes in a stylish high-quality tube. The appealing design and premium quality make this set a fantastic gift for any creative person. So, this highlighter marker pen is your choice if you want to give a top-notch present at a reasonable price.

A Highlighter Pen for Those Who Care about the Planet

ZenZoi is an eco-friendly manufacturer, which means we use only non-toxic materials. All of our products are xylene-free and toluene-free which makes them safe even for toddlers. On top of this, the cardboard tube that markers are packed into is 100% recyclable.

What is more, if you buy a pack of our highlighter pens, you can be sure that you will get a cruelty-free product. Maintaining the eco-friendly manufacturing process may cost us more effort, but we believe that we need to take responsibility for the Earth’s future.


As a family business, we always put our customers first. Therefore, as a manufacturer, ZenZoi provides an unlimited guarantee for any highlighter pen available for sale. If it turns out our product doesn’t meet your needs for any reason, you can always reach out to us and request a refund or another product as a substitute.

In fact, we are sure that you will be amazed by our product. Non-toxic materials, the best quality, and a modern design make any ZenZoi highlighter marker pen a perfect choice for stationery online shopping.