Fountain Pen Black Ink Cartridges - 24 Pack


Color: Black

Size: International Standard Size Cartridges

Specs: 3.8 cm / 1.5 In Long x 2.3 mm / 0.09 In Feed Suction Size


PRACTICAL SIZE. ZenZoi fountain pen ink cartridges are International Standard Size which makes them generic and practical. Specially design to fit/work with ZenZoi fountain pens. Because their versatile size, They fit many Japanese fountain pens and German fountain pens.

VALUE PACK of 24 cartridges assures you'll not run out fast. Eliminates the need to keep reordering often.

NON-TOXIC. ZenZoi ink cartridges have a neutral PH, professional coverage and quality providing a consistent smooth flow with each stroke. 

CLASSIC VARIETY. Each pack includes this color:  24 Black cartridges. Also available in Blue.

100% MONEY-BACK. No-questions-asked, no hassle guarantee. If for any reason our product is not what you wanted just messaged us for a full refund. With us you always shop stress-free. Because we're a family operated business, treating our customers like collaborators and family is simply our long term strategy to work and live. We put you first and we mean it.

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