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Gel Pens - 48 Assorted Colors - Eco Tube 45% More Ink - Extended Color Selection


✅ YOU WANT CHOICES. So we created extended color selection for you. These 48 gel ink pens pens include Glitter, Neon, Classic, Pastel, Milky, and even Silver, Gold, Black & White (last 4 are rarely found in other sets). You can sit back and relax with art and passion projects or with adult coloring book. Ideal for making invitations, handcrafted gift cards, drawing, making notes, journaling, writing or simply de-stressing, relaxing & having your day more colorful, inspired and fun. 
✅ LONGER LASTING - MORE INK. No more pens drying out in the middle of a beautiful project. ZenZoi gel pens have 45% extra ink than most other gel pens so they LAST LONGER. They won't run out when you you're in the middle of your inspiration to finish a drawing. Silky smooth coverage and application ensures they glide smoothly with each stroke. Ink is Non Toxic and Acid Free for your peace of mind & the paper tube is 100% recyclable.

✅ GET CREATIVE & HAVE MORE FUN! This gel ink pens set will give you extra fun when decorating or creating craft projects. They are also a beautiful gift idea for Christmas, Birthdays, for women or kids in your family and anyone with creative, artistic side. Great as a back to school or collage bag pack kit - so get an extra set and gift it to someone special as an inspired and fun surprise.

✅ OUR PROMISE: 100% MONEY-BACK. No-questions-asked, no hassle guarantee. If for any reason our product is not what you wanted just messaged us for a full refund or replacement - whichever you choose. With us you always shop stress and risk free. So either you'll love your new set set or it's free.

★ Enjoy all the benefits of creative relaxation today!


Have you become addicted to the screen on your phone, tablet or computer?

Are you looking for activities to take you away from your screens and your worries?

Do you feel too much stress, anxiety or creative/emotional block?

★ Coloring Is The Answer!

Coloring is a great stress reliever, and is also a fun activity!

Indulge the mind in creativity with your new gel pens set perfect for both the beginners and seasoned artists.

Coloring is a great activity for your lunch break, ladies night, vacation, while waiting at the doctors office, to unwind before bed, or anytime you just need a little break.

These gel pens make a perfect gift for teens and adults!

★ Adventurous Color Selection - Grab Everyone’s Attention

Because we know how much you like variety when it comes to color choices, we are giving you ALL of them!

ZenZoi set provides 48 fresh, mesmerizing colors even including gold, silver, black and white which are rarely found in other sets.

Grab everyone's attention with these juicy, rich pigments and silky flow of each stroke.

★ Get more inspired and have more fun

So many practical uses... sketching, making notes, drawing, coloring books, journaling, writing and adding a splash of color to your doodles or even your to-do-lists.

One thing for sure…you’re going to have more fun!

So sit back, unwind and add more colors to your everyday life.

★ Take your mind away from the stress of the day.

No amount of coloring time is too much or too little!

Feel the relaxing benefits of coloring in your first 5-10 minutes, but feel free to color as long as you want!


Consider ordering 2 Sets to make a sweet gift surprise to someone you care about!

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