Gel Ink Pen Set with 48 Gorgeous Colors – Artist Quality Ideal For Coloring, Sketching, Drawing

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SUPERIOR NEW INK TECHNOLOGY – Each of our adult coloring pens is second to none when it comes to ink vibrancy, smoothness of flow and coverage. This set includes 48 assorted colors including Glitter, Neon, Classic, Pastel, Milky, and even Silver, Gold, Black and White!

45% MORE INK THAN THE COMPETITION – When you are drawing, sketching or using an adult coloring book we don’t want you to get out of the flow state. That’s why we made our gel pens last a bit longer, so you can finish your project without any interruptions or delays.

SMOOTH STROKES… NO SKIPPING OR BLEEDING – Rest assured that the ink on each gel roller pen will flow smoothly and evenly, without skipping, even with the lightest of strokes. The ink sinks into the paper and dries quickly, and rarely bleeds through good quality paper.

ZENZOI CARES ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT – As a company, we implement a 'no-harsh-chemicals' & 'no-harmful-plastic' rule on all our products to minimize our impact on the environment. And that is why our markers are made from non-toxic, cruelty-free materials, without sacrificing on quality. We proudly use 100% recyclable tube packaging.

YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR PRIORITY – Your satisfaction and trust is something that we highly value. If for any reason you’re not 100% thrilled with how our gel pens perform; send us a message and we will either send you a new set, or give you a full refund, no questions asked!


★ Enjoy all the benefits of creative relaxation today!

Have you become addicted to the screen on your phone, tablet or computer?

Are you looking for activities to take you away from your screens and your worries?

Do you feel too much stress, anxiety or creative/emotional block?

★ Coloring Is The Answer!

Coloring is a great stress reliever, and is also a fun activity!

Indulge the mind in creativity with your new gel pens set perfect for both the beginners and seasoned artists.

Coloring is a great activity for your lunch break, ladies night, vacation, while waiting at the doctors office, to unwind before bed, or anytime you just need a little break.

These gel pens make a perfect gift for teens and adults!

★ Adventurous Color Selection - Grab Everyone’s Attention

Because we know how much you like variety when it comes to color choices, we are giving you ALL of them!

ZenZoi set provides 48 fresh, mesmerizing colors even including gold, silver, black and white which are rarely found in other sets.

Grab everyone's attention with these juicy, rich pigments and silky flow of each stroke.

★ Get more inspired and have more fun

So many practical uses... sketching, making notes, drawing, coloring books, journaling, writing and adding a splash of color to your doodles or even your to-do-lists.

One thing for sure…you’re going to have more fun!

So sit back, unwind and add more colors to your everyday life.

★ Take your mind away from the stress of the day.

No amount of coloring time is too much or too little!

Feel the relaxing benefits of coloring in your first 5-10 minutes, but feel free to color as long as you want!


Consider ordering 2 Sets to make a sweet gift surprise to someone you care about!

Customer Reviews

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Gwendolyn Riley
Colors are Magnificent

Love these pens!! This is my second time utilizing these pens and I did not want to run out of them. Great thin lines for true details oriented color fanatics.

Jessica vroman

Lots of ink. Brilliant beautiful colors


I use them exclusively for redline drawings, note taking, and anything else that I would need to hand write and be able to read down the road. For some reason, these pens make my handwriting significantly neater. I mean, I actually enjoy writing with them.

Kimberly J.
Best gel pens ever!!!

I have purchased 3 or 4 sets of gel pens before I got these and I must say, these are by far the best I have tried! I have a set that is a complete waste of my money but not these. You just have to try them for yourself. It's unbelievable the quality these pens have. They write, draw, color like butter on the page. I really didn't know what I was missing until I started using these. I purchased them on Amazon. I am glad they are still available here. Amazon doesn't carry them anymore. Get Them!! You'll love them. And, no I don't work for the company 😁😃!!

Kate F.
awesome and shiny!

i really like these pens because all of them have bright deep color without exception. looks so beautiful when the picture is finished :) very satisfied

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