Dry Erase Markers For Kids Whiteboard Erasable Marker Pens Set with 13 Fresh Colors


13 RICH, FRESH COLORS. They come in 13 vibrant, unique colors you'll not find with other brands including red green yellow neon black blue orange and more whiteboard marker color choices. This erasable marker pen set for white boards glass black board that come in an elegant black tube/ case holder to create a forward-thinking & stylish gift. ZenZoi dry erase markers with chisel tip compete with Expo markers Board Dudes and Quartet. Product meets or Exceeds ASTM D-4236. 

UPGRADED QUALITY FIBER. Chisel tip to achieve versatile fine, medium and bold lines - no need for multiple markers. No to low odor ink formula makes this marker set kids friendly. Upgraded quality fiber used for the tip and new, non-dry caps lock ventilation system makes them just more effective & friendly to use.

BECAUSE YOU CARE ABOUT THE PLANET. We use 100% recyclable tube packaging (as oppose to typical plastic with regular brands) - because we know you care about eco-minded solutions and would rather use little to no harsh chemicals and planet friendly packaging. It costs us less profits and extra effort but it's the right thing to do.

STYLE & GIFT QUALITY because you appreciate beauty, style and top quality. Great for white boards, glass and all non porous surfaces. Makes Beautiful & Practical Gift for Work, School, Home and Office, for teachers kids, all creative types and those who like to keep notes and things organized.

OUR PROMISE: 100% MONEY-BACK. No-questions-asked, no hassle guarantee. If for any reason our product is not what you wanted just messaged us for a full refund or replacement - whichever you choose. With us you always shop stress and risk free. So either you'll love your new set set or it's free. 



    When you store your new markers, please put them upside down inside the tube (they'll arrive this way as well). That will help the ink flow flawlessly for months to come (this is a good tip for all dry erase markers, not just our brand).


    ZenZoi marker are non-toxic, which makes them safe for you, your kids and your board rooms

    -> They are xylene-free and toluene-free (they are being used successfully by people and kids with chemical sensitivities).

    -> The ink is based in a denatured alcohol so will not cause fumes to build up in the room.

    We don't want to expose our families and customers in poorly ventilated classrooms, boardrooms and offices to any harmful volatile compound (VOC) - chemicals that evaporate or can easily get into the air from harmful products at room temperature (found in many typical dry-erase markers).

    Because ZenZoi markers are non-toxic, they will just help you BREATHE EASIER.

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    Great market set

    These are the best dry erase marker set. They are high quality, rich colors, a lot of ink that last for awhile. Most importantly, they don’t have any of those toxic substances and don’t have any scent. Our children are highly sensitive and react to so many things and they have not been bothered by these markers. I would recommend these to anyone. They are safe for kids and very high quality.


    These are my favorites and I won't use anything else. The ink is bold and not faded. The pens write well and the colors are awesome. The customer service is excellent and because of that I will be a customer for life. These dry erase pens are worth every penny!

    I like this set

    I like this set of markers for my kids and myself to use at home. They are nice and colorful and dark and they wipe off easily. Best of all NO ODOR. I was surprised to read of the one review where they said there was an odor because I specifically noticed how there was no odor unless I put the tip of the marker right up to my nose!

    One of my daughter's favorite toys!

    One of my daughter's favorite toys! These markers come in the best cylinder, reusable box. We bought them for use on a big dry erase board on the wall of our kitchen. We allow our toddler to "draw" there with these markers. She's been playing with them for months now. She even requests them - not to draw with them. She likes to dump them out, put them back, name the colors, count them, etc.

    looks wonderful

    we got used to them so fast :) will definitely purchase them next time as well :) great variety of colors, standard and simple, but looks wonderful on whiteboard

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