Chrome Fountain Pen Set with Schmidt Fine Nib

$42.95 $65

Pen Dimensions: 5.56" x 0.52"

Nib: Schmidt Fine

Gift Box: 1 Fountain Pen /  1 Ink Converter / 2 Ink Cartridges (Blue/Black) 

100% Customer Satisfaction- 60 Days Refund Policy 


THE ROYAL STANDARD IN PENMANSHIP- Hold in your hands a luxury fountain pen specifically designed for those with an eye for prestigious style and a deep know-how of business conduct. Minimalistic elements combine with finesse into a full chrome metal body, to create the unique ZenZoi experience.

METAL CONSTRUCTION FOR A FULL BODY- Adopting a well-balanced approach between having a fude-jet pen that feels substantial to hold yet is highly comfortable to write with is not an easy feat. Our master-craftsmen however have refined the build so it strikes the perfect balance between weight & smooth performance that doesn’t tire your wrist.

FLAWLESS WRITING- Like success, a deluxe fine nib fountain pen has to be consistent. Take joy in a flawless writing experience with a German Schmidt fine nib, that does not blotch or spill- a silky smooth inking that feels refined from start to finish.

A COMPLETE FOUNTAIN PEN SET- Beginning with the exquisite gifting case-box that adds to the premium unboxing experience, each set of the ZenZoi Fountain pens comes complete with 2x Fountain Pen Ink Refills (1 Black & 1 Blue) Colors, as well as an Ink Converter for stain-free ink refilling on command.

GIFT OF PRESTIGE- A supreme pen for men or women such as Brother, Father, Sister, Wife or Husband. Perfect for any occasion like Birthdays, Christmas, Promotions, or Anniversary. A truly remarkable luxury gift pen set.


Gift Box Dimensions: 6.7" x 2.5" x 1"

Matching Roller Ball Pen Available 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Perfect for men

I bought this pen for autographing and I love everything about it

Edward Martinez
Great Pen

Smooth easy writing. Fine nub is great.

Smooth Precise Writing

Beautifully styled, good for new fountain pen user, takes writing to entirely new level.

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