Bamboo Fountain & Rollerball Pen Gift Set - Exquisite Calligraphy Fine Nib & Rollerball Pen W/Bamboo Gift Box Case
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Bamboo Fountain & Rollerball Pen Gift Set - Exquisite Calligraphy Fine Nib & Rollerball Pen W/Bamboo Gift Box Case


Vendor: ZenZoi

SKU: 681565421075

  • Eco-Friendly Bamboo Vintage Fountain & Rolleball Pen Set
  • Stylish Luxury Stylograph Pen Set for Fine Writing & Drawing
  • Fountain Pen German Nib, Works w/ Ink Converter for Bottle Ink & International Standard Cartridges
  • Box contains: Fountain Pen, Rollerball Pen, Ink Converter, Rollerball Ink & Gift Box
  • 100% Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee

COLLECTOR’S BAMBOO CALLIGRAPHY SET; Handcrafted with attention to finesse, the Zenzoi bamboo pen set comes with an elegant bamboo case. Within, you can find two unique bamboo pens: An exquisite fountain pen with a fine nib as well as a beautiful bamboo roller pen.

FOUNTAIN PEN; The fountain pen features a remarkable iridium nib of medium size that makes for a flawless & refined writing flow, with no blotches or bleeding. Made in Germany, this finial of art, carries on the Germanic tradition of finesse.

 ROLLER PEN; Our roller pen comes in to top off your calligraphy set. With a refined style and a 0.5mm edge, it makes for a smooth writing experience and feels substantial to hold; simply put, a bliss to put to paper.

BAMBOO CASE; The best feature of our calligraphy set is that it comes in a bamboo case, that can adorn any desk in impeccable fashion as it displays your treasured calligraphy pens. NOTE: Ink Cartridges not included for safety reasons-Pens compatible with most international ink cartridges.

 EXQUISITE, VINTAGE & UNIQUE; Each Pen Gift set is handcrafted with raw bamboo, thus each gift set features unique marks making it truly, a collector’s item. Spoil your colleagues, children, loved ones or your boss on their birthday/ special day with our pen, we guarantee they are bound to adore it.


Zenzoi - The Signature Elite Experience

We set out to create a calligraphy pen gift set that is packed with personality and will be coveted by calligraphy aficionados and anyone with a refined taste.

We are more than proud to present you with the Zenzoi Bamboo Calligraphy Pen Set.

One In Billions, Like You

The prime feature of this calligraphy set is its personality.

Made with raw bamboo by our craftsmen, each set is one-of-a-kind, like its owner. With distinct natural marks as a result of refining raw materials, there are no two sets that are the same, thus celebrating your uniqueness.

Decisions That Carry Weight & Finesse

Like your decisions, our pen is a product of thorough thinking, refinement & savviness; We leave nothing to chance:

✒ Collector’s Bamboo Case: Our pens come with a collapsible bamboo pen case so that you can exhibit in a beautiful manner your prized possessions

✒ Bamboo Fountain Pen: Adorned with a medium sized iridium bent nib, made in Germany, that makes for a flawless writing experience.

✒ Bamboo Roller Pen: Feels exceptionally smooth to put to paper, adds weight to your hand and offers an overall prestigious manner of signing or writing.

✒ Ink Converter: Our gift set does NOT come with ink cartridges, but we take all hassle of refilling your pens with our premium Ink Converter that is included in our pen gift sets.

A Gift For The Ages

The Zenzoi sumptuous gifting experience features all the subtleties that are bound to impress even the most demanding gift receivers, upon any occasion.

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