Best Fountain Pen for Work and Art

The main difference between the best fountain pen and a real dip pen is that the fountain pen has a built-in reservoir that you just change when the ink is gone. It doesn’t involve any external writing accessories that you need to carry with you.

The unique styles of modern pens are simply amazing. And have you seen fountain pen art? Imagine doing that yourself. With Zenzoi pens, you can! Just get a pen and start drawing. You can even get a fountain pen set in case you need an extra one or a backup.

Every pen comes with an ink refill converter. Just dip this converter in ink and let it absorb the needed amount. Then place it back in the pen, and you are ready to return to your writing.

Benefits of Best Fountain Pen

Ballpoint and rollerball pens are not the best for writing. They demand constant pressure and the hand gets tired pretty easily. This pressure is needed so the ink will flow out of the pen. And if you write constantly with a pen like that, you can end up with carpal tunnel syndrome or other pain.

In contrast, fountain pens don’t need to be used with pressure at all. The ink just flows out of the nib. It can help you to improve your writing and get rid of wrist or hand pain at the same time.        

Bamboo Wood Fountain Pen

If you are in search of a present, Zenzoi has got your back. We suggest this great men's wood fountain pen in a case. It is a good gift for anyone you want to show your appreciation to. The pen has a vintage, almost antique look that suits any lifestyle.

Reasons to Buy Discount Fountain Pens

Shopping for discount fountain pens? Here is an incomplete list of people who would enjoy getting a unique fountain pen as a present:

  • businessmen;
  • writers;
  • artists;
  • work colleagues;
  • family;
  • friends;
  • yourself;
  • any other creative person.


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