At ZenZoi®, our goal is to create premium-quality products of exceptional beauty and quality that you will treasure for years to come. From fountain pens, rollerball pens and mechanical pencils to the finest leather goods, our products are designed in both classic and contemporary styles for long-lasting quality. 

    Our writing instruments feature German-engineered inner workings for outstanding precision. Our leather goods combine the finest-quality leather with expert craftsmanship, creating the perfect blend of luxury and style

    Our beliefs

    ZenZoi® believes that high-quality pens provide a classic, time-honored writing experience. We are dedicated to helping our customers express themselves through the written word while enjoying the elegance and tradition of a quality pen.

    At ZenZoi®, we focus on excellent craftsmanship in all our products, ensuring our customers can trust their pens to perform as promised, whether jotting a few notes, signing an important contract or composing a musical score.

    We are a family owned business dedicated to providing an outstanding customer experience, while demonstrating respect for the environment, our employees and the communities in which we serve.

    Quality, beauty, elegance, luxury, and style are the hallmarks of the ZenZoi® writing experience.

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