Leather Brown Pen Pouch - Two Pens


Material: Rustic Genuine Leather

Color: Brown

Size: 6.2" x 2.2" 


HANDMADE, AUTHENTIC, UNRIVALED- Discover the true ZenZoi experience with our genuine Leather Pen Pouch - Two Pens. Employing exquisite craftsmanship with a vintage style and top-tier materials that last you a lifetime, the ZenZoi stationery pouch will carry your tools in impeccable fashion for years on end. 
GENUINE LEATHER, THE KING OF STYLE & DURABILITY- It’s no accident that leather is praised for its longevity. When making this pen case, we aimed to create something that you can pass down to your family. Something that will carry your history imprinted in unique marks that give your case more character the more you use it. 
FOR THE ARTIST, FOR THE PROFESSIONAL- The unrivaled practical and versatility one pen holder is 6.2" long x 2.2" wide. ZenZoi pen pouch allows it to be used in multiple scenarios. For artist pencils, fountain pens, ballpoint for small craftsman tools, for everyday stationery holding, for makeup supplies & more. It can be place anywhere.
UNIQUE GIFT FOR UNIQUE PEOPLE- Impress this year and make a gift that not only will be loved upon receiving, but will also be thoroughly used in everyday life. The Zenzoi one pen holder is a perfect choice to purchase in combination of any ZenZoi pen type to protect and carry your pens. Great for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, or any Special Occasion and is ideal for both men and women. 
A ZERO RISK PURCHASE- Dive into the ZenZoi collection and find out all about our products that celebrate finesse and uniqueness. All your purchases are fully backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee so that you feel absolutely safe when buying! Get your pen & pencil holder pouch today and break free of conventional choices. 

Available in Black

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