Pink Ballpoint Pen Set with Ink Schmidt Refill


Pen Dimensions: 5.4" x 0.47"

Nib: Schmidt Gel Ballpoint ink Medium

Gift Box: Pen / 1 Ballpoint Ink Schmidt Refills (Black) 

100% Customer Satisfaction- 60 Days Refund Policy 


THE DEFINITIVE WRITING EXPERIENCE, FROM A TO Z- ZenZoi brings you the newest addition to its luxurious Contemporary Collection- the Pink Ballpoint Pen Set. Discover the modern design approach, its robust metal body, and a writing performance that is simply flawless.

SPOTLESS PERFORMANCE- The ZenZoi Rollerball Pen delivers a fluid, smooth performance that is blotch, skip, and spill-free. Each pen comes with an extra German Medium Schmidt Ink Refill (Black) and gives you a balanced ink flow that feels glossy & polished each time you put pet to paper.

BALANCED BUILD FOR TIRELESS WRITING- We wanted to design our pens in a way that is a joy to use without ever tiring your wrist. The full metal body is what makes our pens feel substantial when held, yet it never tires your wrist even in prolonged writing sessions.

GERMAN SCHMIDT CARTRIDGE INCLUDED- With each ballpoint pen we include the ink cartridge within the pen along with one extra spare. Our pens run with Medium Schmidt Refills- a renowned for its performance German ink that is celebrated by calligraphers & luxury pen enthusiasts around the globe.

A LUXURIOUS UNBOXING EXPERIENCE- Great gifts must deliver a complete experience right from the start. That is why we ship our rollerball pens in a deluxe, hard case to make gifting our pens a unique experience. Treat your family or friends when there’s a Birthday, an Anniversary, Father’s Day, Promotion or any special occasion to an unforgettable moment, with the ZenZoi Pens.


Gift Box Dimensions: 6.8" x 2.3" x 1.2" 

Matching Fountain Pen and Mechanical Pencil Available

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