Black Rollerball Pen Set with Schneider Ink Refill


Pen Dimensions: 5.56" x 0.52"

Ink: Schneider Topball 850 0.5 mm 

Gift Box: 1 Pen /  2 Ink Refills (Blue/Black) 


THE ROYAL STANDARD IN PENMANSHIP- Created to cater to a highly-demanding audience, the Zenzoi Rollerball Pen brings together finesse and functionality, into a timeless writing piece. Minimalistic design elements combine on a full metal body with a Black on Silver scheme, for the ultimate ZenZoi experience.

WELL-BALANCED FEEL & DESIGN- Our approach to designing the ZenZoi Ballpoint Pen manages to strike the perfect balance between feeling substantial to hold, yet easy to write with for prolonged times. Enjoy a refined build with a smooth writing performance and timeless looks.

FLAWLESS INK FLOW- Putting pen to paper feels smooth, natural and uninterrupted. Thanks to the 0.5mm Black ink cartridge that delivers a consistent performance, with no bleeding, skipping or blotching- simply flawless.

A VERSATILE INSTRUMENT- For the business professional, the journalist, the artist, the calligrapher, anyone who loves keeping a journal. This highly versatile rollerball pen is a remarkably versatile writing piece that will be there for all the important signatures & words of your life.

A GIFT OF PRESTIGE- The ZenZoi Rollerball Pen comes packed in a high-end Gift Case that adds to the unboxing experience and our gift set is complete with 2x Schneider In Cartridge Refills (Black & Blue). Impress and spoil loved ones, friends and family upon any occasion with a prestigious gift that’s guaranteed to be cherished and used.


Gift Box Dimensions: 6.7" x 2.5" x 1" 


60-Day Refund Policy if Not 100% Satisfied


Customer Reviews

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Philip jaeger
Quality Product

I'm a return customer. I love the feel of the pen and find the look of the script lends a pleasant vibe

David and Don Jones and Williams
A Smoothe One

I like the fit in my hand and the ease of writing with it. It looks like a Montblanc but costs much less.

Rev. James Ellis
Write s very smooth

Please advise how I can obtain the proper refills.

Shawn Anderson
Worth Ever Penny

This is not the most expensive pen I own, but it is the best pen I own. The pen is heavy enough to be noticeable, but not so heavy that it tires the hand. The weight is perfectly balanced and the rollerball is crisp and smooth. Quality paper loves the Schneider ink. This pen should cost much more than it does.

ZenZoi Black Rollerball

This is a handsome pen with very good weight and balance. The Schneider Ink writes very smoothly from the start. I am left handed and often have issues, but the ink dries quickly and I experience no smearing. I prefer this pen to others I own that are much more expensive.

Customer Reviews

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