Light Blue Fountain Pen Set W/ German Schmidt Fine Nib & Great Gift Box
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Light Blue Fountain Pen Set W/ German Schmidt Fine Nib & Great Gift Box


Vendor: ZenZoi


  • Playful Light Blue Fountain Pen Set w/ Gift Box Case
  • Its Schmidt Fine Nib, Works w/ Ink Converter for Bottle Ink & International Standard Cartridges
  • Pen Dimensions: 5.3 x 0.5 Inches
  • Box Contains: Fountain Pen, Ink Converter, Ink Refill Cartridges & Gift Box
  • 100% Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee

THE ZENZOI ROYALE EXPERIENCE- Designed to surpass all expectations, our Zenzoi fountain pen delivers in all fronts- A robust metal build coated with a sleek light blue color scheme, combines with German nib craftsmanship to create the signature Zenzoi experience.

FEELS UNIQUE IN YOUR HANDS- With a full metal build, our jet pen delivers perfect balance in your writing without ever tiring your wrist. Enjoy a smooth performance, with a weighted feel that will withstand the test of time, and can be treasured for years on end.

GERMAN SCHMIDT NIB- Our pen comes with a high-end German Schmidt nib finial. This fine nib is widely celebrated by calligraphers and fude pen enthusiasts for its versatility, smooth ink flow, blotch, skip, and spill-free writing. Simply put, it feels like a dream to put pen on paper.

A COMPLETE FOUNTAIN PEN SET- With each purchase of the Zenzoi fountain pen, you also get 2x ink refills to keep you always prepared. Our pen also makes your life easier for future refills as it uses standard international cartridges.

AN EXQUISITE GIFT CHOICE- Spoil a beloved friend, your Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Husband, or Wife with a gift that feels prestigious. For any occasion like a Birthday, a Promotion, College Acceptance, or Anniversary in the best of ways- turn that day into a remarkable one.



Zenzoi- A Hub for True Pen Enthusiasts

Our goal at Zenzoi is to create pens which you will treasure for years on end.

Pens that you get to pass down even to the next generation and bestow them with a piece of history, a piece of you.

Combining master craftsmanship with high-end construction and renowned German engineering, we aim to deliver a fountain pen that feels unique, writes flawlessly and is gorgeous to the eye.

A Design Powered by Balance & Constant Refinement

The Looks

Our fountain pen sports a light blue coating that is classic, sophisticated yet bold. Designed for those with a refined taste in life.


The Construction

Robust, full metal build that adds weight to your hand and delivers a perfectly balanced performance, without ever tiring your wrist.


The Nib

Adorned with a German Schmidt fine nib finial, the Zenzoi fountain pen boasts smooth ink flow and a flawless writing experience, with no blotching, bleeding, or skipping

A Deluxe Unboxing Experience

Our Japanese fude pen was created to become an extraordinary gift that is bound to impress, be used, and mark the occasion in a refined fashion.

Our Set Includes

➤ Fountain Pen

➤ 2x Ink Cartridges

➤ Premium Gift Case

Fully Backed By Our 60-Day Refund Policy if Not 100% Satisfied


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